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Classic pictures from our archives. Check them out. (Generally, names have not been changed, as there really are no innocents!)

"The grooviest, hippest, most dangerous street band Harrisburg has ever seen!"

Have you seen No Last Call on the street? We are Harrisburg's first and only "hit & run" street band and we love showing up on a corner unannounced and playing tunes that get people clapping, dancing and smiling. We are a community band of about 30 musicians that exudes spontaneity and fun.

"They have trumpets and aren't afraid to use them." - Laura Good, "The Burg." 

"No Last Call is the grooviest, hippest, most dangerous street band Harrisburg has ever seen!"- The Vibe (Central PA Friends of Jazz) 

"More earnest than talented." - Robert Hostetter

"Not the worst." - Grumpy old woodwind player

Take a look at No Last Call rockin' it up last fall at the Mechanicsburg Rotary Club's 50th annual Ox Roast. We understand that next year the Rotarians plan to serve Lobster with the Oxen.

NLC took a road trip to Providence, RI in 2012 to open Water Fire. The band visited Thayer Street the night before to see if Brown students knew how to get down. For a bunch of really smart kids, they can party with the best of them!<< New text box >>

Central Pennsylvania came to see the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra for HSO's annual July 4 outdoor concert at Metro Park in 2013 and "discovered" one of  NLC's famous Honks first!

Most times, we play unannounced and uninvited, but once in a while people find us on purpose. Find our next performance here!

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