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Classic pictures from our archives. Check them out. (Generally, names have not been changed, as there really are no innocents!)

Meet the Band (We don't bite, really!)

Being a member of No Last Call means that you like to have and make fun and never take yourself too seriously. Life is always better when taken with copious amounts of smiling & laughter, a few antics and a little music. To know us is to accept a certain amount of liability, so read on with caution...

Doug (Trumpet & Co-Founder)

On trumpet and occasionally the traffic cone, Doug enjoys NLC mostly because it gives him a place to hide musically. Often given to playing his horn in public without particular invitation (Happy Birthday, Jingle Bells, Penn State Fight Song, etc.), NLC gives him the "legitimacy" and cover he needs. While he understands the dangers of texting while driving, playing the trumpet while driving is totally different. Clearly has a hankerin' for the bass drum player (see Rebecca).

Favorite NLC songs - Vehicle, Misirlou, Uptown Funk
Favorite NLC moment - When we didn't HONK the Hershey Hotel one Christmas.

Ted (Trumpet & Co-Founder)

The other co-founder (see “Doug”) of NLC, Ted is probably the shyest & humblest member of the band. After spending his teens in marching bands and drum & bugle corps, his lips wasted away until he met Lori (see “Lori.”) He has a diverse skill set that ranges from embalming to fundraising and thinks that NLC could really be good if it had ten more trumpets. Ted claims to work for a local Orchestra, but no one there admitted to knowing him after No Last Call crashed one of their concerts.


Favorite NLC song- “Bad Romance” because it reminds him of co-founding the band with Doug.

Brant (Director & Trombone) 

Brant is our beloved musical director, plays bass trombone and is often the lone voice of reason. A Music Education graduate of Messiah College, he actually knows what he is doing and has the patience of Job, which is very necessary leading this motley crue of musical misfits. An avid New York Yankees fan, Star Trek fan, Simpsons fan, Dugeon Heroes fan, IT expert and Philadelphia Eagles fan, Brant enjoys stimulation in many different forms. When the band sounds good (even a blind squirrel finds the occasional acorn), it is 100% due to Brant's leadership and excellent musicianship. If you want to join his groupie posse, please see Sherie.

Rebecca (Big, Bad Bass Drum)

Never one to sit down on the job, Becky (a.k.a. Mommy) is the driving pulse of the band, as she closely watches Brant patiently pound the beat on his chest. Always smiling, always ready for fun, never wanting to break her nails, Becky brings the beat with a flair for fun and adventure. High heels and a bass drum? No Problem!

Favorite NLC songs - Misirlou, Viva La Vida & Light My Fire

*Puts up with the affections of one of the co-founders (See Doug)

Lori (Drums)

One of our percussion vixens, Lori's been known to play trumpet and valve trombone, but she commands a lot more attention on tri-toms. She also finds that her hubby, Ted, is much more attentive when she’s holding mallets. By day, Lori works in the field of Human Resources which doesn’t allow her the opportunity to accessorize like she does with No Last Call. Lori likes to customize her drums to fit each performance, so come out and see what she does at our next gig.  


Favorite NLC songs: Miserlou, Mambo No. 5 & Down on the Corner.

Jamie (Soprano Sax)

 When he isn't pestering his patients at JDC Pediatrics or spending time with his wonderful wife and daughter, Jamie can be found practicing, arranging for and/or generally making noise with NLC.  He originally joined the band playing the clarinet, but his unrestrained power on that instrument led to complaints from the brass players that he was drowning them out.  He now flexes his "golden pipes" on the soprano sax. 


He believes that the aforementioned favorite songs of other band members pale in comparison to Down on the Corner, Take On Me & Billie Jean.

Mike "The Master of Funk" (Baritone)

 "He's not internationally known, but he's known to rock the Baritone." - Rob Base. Mike's a former member of the University of Penn's "Fighting Quaker Marching Band." The irony of him being associated with fighting Quakers isn't lost on his NLC bandmates who consider him to be a secret weapon embedded with the brass section. That's a marching baritone horn he's wielding, by the way, and he uses it to neutralize pitchy woodwinds or calm crying children. When he's not producing covert funk ops, Mike works as a computer analyst for a manufacturing company. 


Favorite NLC tunes: Vehicle, Carry On Wayward Son, Bad Romance & Dream On

Chris (Piccolo)

After her mother flung her second-grade "What Stringed Instrument Would You Like Your Child to Play?" form in the trash, Chris chose the flute as the instrument to express her musical enthusiasm.  She took a brief sabbatical in high school, when she taught herself the baritone horn in a plot to snag the baritone section leader as her prom date.  The prom date didn't work out, but she did enjoy wearing her "Low Brass Kicks A$$" t-shirt to County Band that year.    

Chris enjoys the piccolo solo in "Black Magic Woman", all of "Take on Me", "Amazing Grace" and any other song in which the piccolo can be heard. (She likes it best when the trumpets have extended rests.)

Jim "Chops" (Trumpet)


Don't let the blonde hair fool you, this guy actually plays a musical instrument. Having carried over the name "Chops" from his vaunted high school days, he subsequently left most of them there! Jim does occasionally hit the stratosphere, much to the chagrin of the saxophone section but then again, what do they know? When taking a break, this hot blonde can be seen and heard striking a cowbell, playing the claves or struggling with the samba whistle in his quest to entertain. Jim recently retired from teaching music in a local school district and the band is encouraging him to give up the horn as well.


Favorite NLC tunes: "Miserlou" and "Vehicle."

Ilia (Trumpet)


We're not quite sure what to tell you about Ilia, other than he is one of the funniest Russians we know, but couldn't resist posting our favorite pic of him while we're thinking it over. Ilia studied the trumpet in college in Russia, and now harasses Americans with his horn in Central PA, playing with the Lower Paxton Variety Band, Keystone Concert band and sometimes sits in for Steve in the "One More Time" jazz combo.
Ask him how to wake Lady Gaga.

Kathy (Snare Drum & Home Brew)

After seeing NLC in her local Memorial Day parade, Kathy was instantly smitten and decided it was time to realize her life-long dream of playing the drums in a real band.  Until she finds one, she decided to join No Last Call.  While playing, she wears Wonder Woman bracelets because she finds they help to deflect the laser-eyed glares from Director Brant when she’s throwing down too many fills.  When she’s not grooving with the band, Kathy enjoys running/walking, cooking, homebrewing, and photoshopping band members into compromising positions.  Her favorite NLC songs are Dream On, Vehicle, and Uptown Funk.

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